Amethyst Island Media is about the work and play of Bill and Deb Christiansen. Bill is a photographer, author, and mansplainer. Deb is publisher, documenter, and rhetorical question asker.
Bill’s art form is digital photography. He was born and raised in the area and has lived in the Schoolcraft area since he married his beautiful wife Deb ten years ago. You may know Deb as the energetic president of the Friends of the Schoolcraft Library.
He has always enjoyed photography and fully invested in this passion with the time (and money) that came with retirement after a forty year career with The Upjohn Company and successor companies, including Pfizer.
Whether photographing in the area or when he and Deb travel, he seeks out interesting locations and plans the images he expect to capture, but the unexpected shots that find his lens often provide the most satisfying shots and the most pleasure for those viewing his work.
His photography includes interesting people (Sawyer Gibbs), places (Tiller’s International), and things (Heritage Guitars), but it is nature that supplies a never-ending palette of inspiration for his work, be it a vivid lightning strike over Little Sugarloaf Lake (taken from the safety of his sunroom) or a striking landscape from Yosemite National Park.
He also enjoys photographing the vast variety of birds and animals that roam our world (or their space at the zoo). Animals often pose, perform, or make eye contact with his lens. The latter translating into printed images of the subject making eye contact with those who view the work. Also present in the image is the corresponding emotion the eye contact conveys, be it the pride of the Peacock, the Cheetah’s annoyance, or the Black Bears suspicious curiosity.
Bill hopes you enjoy these images as much as he has enjoyed capturing and presenting them.
His work can also be enjoyed and purchased at Bowmans BBQ in Climax and at Charlie’s Emporium in Crystal Falls in the Upper Peninsula.
Deb’s hand prints are all over the Schoolcraft Community Library as part of the non-profit Friends of the Schoolcraft Community Library. She also participates in other non-profits, such as Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo, Ladies’ Library of Schoolcraft, and Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners.